Topicals Description:

Hemp extract can be consumed in many forms, but topical application is a popular choice for those looking to directly target specific parts of the body. Unlike other methods of ingestion, topical application tends to have a localized effect. In other words, when it is rubbed into specific areas of the body, many users experience quick relief from discomfort, muscle aches, and even some other pesky skin conditions.

All Bliss Herbal Products Are:
• 3rd-Party Lab Tested
• American Produced and Shipped in the USA

Suggested Use:

Our premium-grade topical creams deliver pure and potent directly to the bloodstream. A little goes a long way with Bliss Herbal’s concentrated formula, so we recommend starting with a dollop the size of a fingertip and slowly increasing your dose from there.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prolong the shelf life of your topical cream. To maximize the product’s properties, be sure to spend a few minutes massaging the cream.