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    Legendary OG Hemp Flower

    Legendary OG

    Relax: 18%
    New and Hot!
    Sticky buds with a beautiful stirring aroma, this beautiful green flower ...
    From: $19.95
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    Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower

    Cherry Blossom

    Total Relief: 21%
    A cherry blossom with rich, deep aromatic buds, this flower will engulf and captivate you.
    From: $24.95
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    Lemon Haze Flower

    Super Lemon Haze

    Hybrid Comfort: 16%
    Premium and beautiful hemp strain with delicious lemon notes with a sweet pull that provides instant satisfaction.
    From: $22.95
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    Pineapple Express Hemp Flower

    Pineapple Express

    Uplift: 16%
    Exotic and indulgent, this aromatic sweet strain is a delight on the senses.
    From: $22.95
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    Dreamsicle Kush Hemp Flower

    Dreamsicle Kush

    Daytime Relief: 18%
    A gorgeous large aromatic flower hemp strain with a smooth sweet pull to enhance your senses.
    From: $22.95
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    Bliss Lifter Hemp Flower

    Royal Diesel

    Uplift: 19%
    A staff favorite with a decadent aroma that is smooth and unforgettable. A perfectly classic flavor and bud that keeps you coming back for...
    From: $24.95
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    Sour Sorbet Hemp Flower

    Sour Sorbet

    Recover, Boost: 18%
    Dive into and sweet and sour favorite that will change your daily outlook.
    From: $24.95
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    Purple Emperor Hemp Flower

    Purple Dream

    Earth and berry permeate through these dense and beautiful buds, making this strain a top choice for evening relaxation.
    From: $22.95
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    Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

    Bubba Kush

    Instant Relief: 17%
    These premium sticky nugs have incredible flavor and direct remedy benefits.
    From: $19.95
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    Ice Imperial CBG Hemp Flower

    Ice Imperial CBG

    Curator Reserve
    Blissful, rare, and luxurious. This flower is a true connoisseur delight.
    From: $27.95
  • Mint Hemp Oil Tincture

    Mint Cookie – 500mg

    BlissHerbal 500mg drops deliver high quality, full-spectrum extract for long-lasting health and vitality boosting effects.

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    BlissHerbal High-Potency Mint Cookie 1000mg

    High-Potency Mint Cookie – 1000mg

    “Mint Cookie” 1000mg drops are the perfect solution for those seeking a high strength dose of full-spectrum oil.

    $59.95 $49.95
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    BlissHerbal Max-Potency Cinnamon 1500mg

    MAX-Potency Cinnamon – 1500mg

    Blissherbal’s 1500mg “Cinnamon” drops deliver a maximum strength dose.

    $89.95 $64.95
  • Sleep Formula Capsules 600mg

    Sleep Formula Capsules – 600mg

    Our specially formulated hemp extract sleep tablets combine with a special blend of terpenes for a pure relaxing effect perfect for nighttime rest.

  • Sleep Formula Capsules 1200mg

    Sleep Formula Capsules – 1200mg

    Our specially formulated sleep tablets combine 20mg with a special blend of terpenes for superior rest.

  • Sleep Formula 1000mg Tincture

    Sleep Formula Drops – 1000mg

    Our specially formulated for sleep formula combines of per dose plus four sleep-specific terpenes to provide a restful night.