Lab-Verified Hemp Extract Oil

Premium hemp oil extracted from 100% organic hemp. With BlissHerbal, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving only the highest quality hemp products expertly grown and extracted with purity and potency in mind. All products are made from non-GMO, USA grown hemp, and each batch is lab tested every step of the way, ensuring a safe and effective product you can trust.


Bliss Herbal offers 3 strengths of full-spectrum oil for sale, with several tasty flavors to choose from. We believe in the power of whole-plant medicine, so each bottle of our premium oil contains not only pure extract, but other , terpenes, and compounds naturally produced by the hemp plant that work together to create an “entourage effect” in the body.

All of our products are U.S. Farm Bill Compliant, and every batch is third-party lab tested to ensure safety and potency. All of our products and oils are non-psychoactive, containing only trace amounts of below the federal limit of < 0.3%.

Milligrams per dropper:
500mg = 16mg of per 1ml dropper
1000mg = 33mg of per 1ml dropper
1500mg = 50mg of per 1ml dropper

All Bliss Herbal Products Are:
• 3rd-Party Lab Tested
• American Produced and Shipped in the USA

Suggested Use:

Gently stir the bottle, then squeeze the rubber dropper tip to fill. One full dropper contains a 1ml serving, but this can be adjusted based on your specific needs. For half a serving of oil, simply fill the dropper halfway and follow the remaining instructions.

Once the dropper is full, place the oil sublingually (directly under the tongue) and wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing to maximize absorption into the bloodstream.

To best preserve your product’s shelf life, store in a cool, dry place away from excessive moisture and sunlight. While each bottle contains 30 full-strength servings, all Bliss Herbal oils come with a one year freshness guarantee, ensuring a potent and safe product for months to come – regardless of usage frequency.